Job interview preparation

 Today there is fierce competition for the desirable positions in the world of work, therefore it can be advantageous to prepare for the selection process that we are faced with by our potential future employers. The experts dealing with workforce selection are inventing ever-changing methods for assessing the suitability of the candidates. Thus it is worth being one step ahead of our fellow candidates by ‘going to meet’ these demands and tasks.

Both objective and subjective standards are set for the candidates at the interviews. Most of the larger companies today use the Assessment Center, which tries to simulate the tasks and situations of the future position. Objectivity is guaranteed by the number of assessors. The slogan is: “Let’s try how the candidates behave in a future work situation.”

It would nevertheless be wrong to ignore the subjective factors. Besides our appearance, which is also highly important, our social behaviour, personality and manner create the all-important first impression that unconsciously influences the interviewers. A good first impression has a positive influence whereas a bad one is quite difficult to disregard even for the most objective interviewers.

 How does the counsellor help?

The counselling psychologist can help us with the way we present our skills and ourselves. They give a complex picture of the positive and negative sides of our personality and communication style, therefore it is easier to meet the expectations while being ourselves at the same time.

To achieve all these, we simulate the interviewing process and situations followed by their evaluation. In addition to these, we use tests for a more effective personality assessment.







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